Good Guys Club

Welcome to – home of the Good Guys Club TeamSpeak server. If you’ve reached this site, you are probably in the TeamSpeak server often. Please consider speaking to the admins listed below at some point. We do wonder who you are. The information on this site is purely for fun and contains no true content that you will find useful other than names of the masterminds behind this organization. With their exceptional management skills, intuitive creativity, and exceptional gaming skills, a new breed of eO gamer is born.

We’ll be up all night in the summer time. No curfews, no rules, just good ole times.

Classic quote from a true gamer. If you do have interest in flying the [eO] tags, contact a member in the TeamSpeak. Our current Board of Directors is as follows:


  • fkneinstein
  • 1lla (illa)
  • rahfiki (rah)
  • oddjob (has multiple aliases)
  • pepe
  • zefunk (lead twitch clipper)
  • melkjuice (head recruiter and not actually on the board)
  • ky_yell (lil pump)
  • luke
  • NeoSalon

A favor from the Gods by Edbassmaster : psh